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Our Culture

Steeped in Midwestern values. Committed to solving complex health care logistics quickly and efficiently. Dedicated to creating a culture of innovation that benefits our employees, our communities and our customers. These are the building blocks that make LHI different. We’re solutionists, a quality in which we take a tremendous sense of pride.

People as Priority

At LHI, people come first. Our sense of duty and our passion for giving the best in care to the people who keep America safe and running is clear in all we do. This devotion to people as a priority also extends to our employees: the good, hardworking professionals who not only embrace the duty of providing care for mission critical, but also give it heart. They alone do the hard work required to get the job done, on deadline and without compromise. Simply put, our people are our greatest asset.

Commitment to Health

Healthy employees are happy employees, so we support staff who commit to a healthy lifestyle. Our innovative health and wellness program includes an on-location fitness facility at our headquarters, health club membership reimbursement, compensated wellness time, an outdoor walking program, smoking cessation support, educational offerings and more.

If you think you have the passion it takes to fulfill our organizational vision, check out the careers at LHI.