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LHI understands compliance with all appropriate federal regulations is the key to a successful medical testing program. A pre-employment examination is the cornerstone of medical surveillance/occupational compliance. The exam serves many purposes:

  • Evaluation of whether an applicant is capable of performing the tasks to which he or she will be assigned
  • Evaluation of whether the applicant has a condition that could be aggravated by these duties
  • Evaluation of whether the applicant has a condition that could affect the health and safety of others
  • Evaluation of whether the worker conforms with certain state or federal regulations upheld by agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration

LHI conducts periodic evaluations to determine whether workers are experiencing any adverse health effects as a result of performing their assigned duties. This determination is made by comparing the results of the periodic evaluation to baseline (pre-employment) examinations, ideally performed prior to the first job assignment of a new employee.

LHI recognizes, when it comes to care for mission critical, there is no better way to determine whether a workforce may be exposed to work-related disease or injury than a well-designed and well-conducted system of occupational compliance.